Contract Negotiation

GlobauxSource focuses on making the contract language and negotiations simpler and easier for you. As your partner, we act on your behalf in order to provide you the best possible offer. Once GlobauxSource has polished the contract, we will send to the client for the company's legal department for review and signature. During the contracting phase GlobauxSource is focused on:

  • Ensuring clear terms
  • Knowing and explaining your liability
  • Proactively mitigating risk
  • Creating a win-win contract for the client and facility/service

GlobauxSource provides a value added service with an addendum that helps protect the client's best interest. The addendum focuses on the positive reinforcement of client needs.

Each GlobauxSource associate is experienced in dealing with hotel, event venue and event services contracts. GlobauxSource assists the client best by doing the legwork with the hotel. GlobauxSource clarifies the contract before sending it to the client for legal review. This way, GlobauxSource gets the cleanest copy for you to review and sign.