"We have been partnering with Patti and Barb for 10 years now and they continue to amaze me with their industry knowledge and ability to provide us with outstanding service and exceptional value as they source hotel properties and venues for us. There is a saying I use often, “the difference between mediocrity and excellence is the details”, and GlobauxSource excels in the details in all they do for us! As one of our valued partners, I consider Patti and Barb an extension of my team and look forward to working with them for years to come as we strive for excellence with all our events."

– Larry Lawson, Sr. Manager, Events & Sponsorships Interstate Batteries



 "I have recommended GlobauxSource to many of my peers and they have all become clients. If you are a state or regional association who needs meeting space or hotel rooms for guests and members, I strongly recommend GlobauxSource."

– Tim Niedecken, CAE, TSCRA



"So much of an event's success depends on the venue. GlobauxSource consistently connects our organization with premier, top quality venues across the country. Their large network, personalized service, and quick, reliable communication have made all the difference in our event planning process!"

– Alice H., Corporate Client,



"I have worked with Patti, Barb, and Lauren for six years -- since the very beginning of GlobauxSource.  I feel much more secure in contracting for our meetings with their guidance on site selection and contract negotiations. They act as an extension to our meeting planning department and are always willing to work with me on our meetings, both large and small.  I hope to continue our partnership for many more years to come."

– Kay Taylor, Federation of State Medical Boards,



"Every year with Flying Physicians Association is one of discovery and new challenges.  GlobauxSource has never let me down. They provide the personal care and meeting knowledge that is the earmark of service 'over the top'.  I rely on them so I may focus on the association members and business. I've done it all myself, worked with representatives, used other companies and spent hours of valuable time fielding the phone calls and emails.  This partnership is everything I needed -- an association's survival kit delivered with professionalism and genuine caring."

– Alice Henderson, Executive Vice President, Flying Physicians Association



"Good working relationships are vital in business. We utilize GlobauxSource to negotiate all of our association's conference contracts because they are not only experienced, they are respected in the industry. I would recommend anyone whom has been tasked with organizing or planning a conference to contact GlobauxSource. You can't afford to learn the hard way. Let the professionals do it for you!"

– Shawn Scott., President, Association Client



"Our GlobauxSource representatives are professional, thorough, friendly and efficient.  All details, from selecting destinations, resorts, airfare and ground transportation, have been handled with ease and efficiency.  They present us with fantastic options in a format that allows us to compare sites easily so that we can make the best travel decisions for our group.  They have taken our trip planning from time consuming and sometimes burdensome to pleasurable!"

– Stephanie Reed., Corporate Incentive Client,



The first thing you knocked out of the park was introducing me to Eddie and GlobauxSource.  Our collaboration more than fulfilled CNLA’s needs and expectations.  We are sure to be working with GlobauxSource again in the future. 

– CNLA, ,






"GlobauxSource -They are not just a company.  They approach business like a friendship.  They are honest, ethical and caring of their clients, vendors and suppliers.  They are firm in their commitment to serving those who entrust them with their meetings and the success of those meetings.  It is refreshing to see a company partner with all the key players to ensure goals are met on all sides.  

From my first interaction with Patti, I had an instant connection, not because she needed something from me but because every connection to Patti is a lasting partnership and commitment, both personally and professionally. Her open approach to business is so unique and intimate; it goes beyond the normal business relationship.  

I look forward to doing business with Patti and her associates because I know we are working towards a common goal.  They are dedicated to their customers.  They are committed to creating an atmosphere of understanding and they are top of their field."

– Amanda Smith, Director, Strategic Accounts, The Americas, Hyatt Hotels



"What I love the most about the team at GlobauxSource is that they carefully blend true professionalism with the gift of making everyone feel like family. 

They leverage their knowledge of the industry, product expertise, and far-reaching relationships to obtain the best rates, terms and concessions for their clients at the most suitable properties.  Known for being impressive negotiators, they successfully ensure that their customers enjoy optimal value while maintaining mutual respect and integrity with the hotel.  In the end, their team represents their clients with an effectiveness that has earned them an outstanding reputation and strong relationships with Marriott senior leadership and our growing family of properties. 

Further tribute to their outstanding service is certainly exemplified by the fact that they make even their suppliers feel special.  The warmth and respect they consistently exhibit is, in my experience, unprecedented and generates an intense loyalty and extra determination to advocate when needed.

It is my sincere honor to be the Global Sales representative for this exceptional organization and to work with them to provide outstanding service to their valued customers."

– Lorraine Mahoney, Global Account Manager, Global Sales, Intermediaries



"Patti and her team are wonderful partners.  What’s unique about GlobauxSource is their openness with clients and encouraging us to develop relationships directly with their clients, in return for just keeping their team in the loop. That’s not how all intermediary accounts work!  And we’ve enjoyed how GlobauxSource has approached us when issues arise - always in a sense of partnership and understanding the hotel's needs as well as their clients.  I’ve enjoyed hearing Patti say that without strong hotel partners wanting to work with GlobauxSource, they won’t be successful for their clients."

– Harold Rapoza, General Manager, Hotel del Coronado



"I have had the pleasure of partnering with Patti Palacios, Barb VanHollenbeck, Jennifer Haisten, Lauren Burk and many other dedicated professionals at GlobauxSource for many years.  I enjoy working with the GlobauxSource team as they truly know and understand their customers and are ready to collaborate to find the perfect destination for their meetings and events.  I have the utmost respect for Patti and the organization she and her senior leaders have created.  Patti and her team are extremely ethical, dynamic, creative and above all else industry leaders.  I look forward to continuing to partner with Patti and her team on many future conferences and events."

– Beverly Garlington, Global Director of Sales, Omni Hotels



"GlobauxSource is the “Executive Platinum” “Concierge” level of site selection services. Their expert team consists of the most respected, resourceful and connected meeting professionals in the hospitality industry.

Long standing, loyal, repeat clientele gain immediate value of their buying power. All upgrades, perks and contract negotiations benefit their customer’s bottom line and event experience. GlobauxSource delivers the logistics and budgeting, while client’s focus on the content and ROI of their programs.

It is a privilege to endorse GlobauxSource."

– Terri White, Business Events Canada,



"In the past two decades, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Patti on numerous programs for her clients.   An amazing professional with a mature consistent approach to business, you can count on Patti to get the job done.   Her dedication is combined with style, efficiency, and a personal touch that identifies the reason she is in this business – she simply loves it.


Patti treats everyone with respect and creates an environment of trust with her suppliers.  As a mentor and a leader, she understands the importance of good strong relationships.  Working with her suppliers her focus is to deliver outstanding customer service based on customer needs.

Patti does not settle, she understands the 'big picture' and knows attention to detail will satisfy the end result.

As a long-term meeting industry professional, she keeps current with trends and needs, always evolving and embracing change to support growth in our industry.  Customer focused, trust, respect, fun and consistent are a few words to summarize my experience of knowing Patti."

– Karen Christensen, CMP VP, Sales, Hosts Global Alliance